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We lead all sunrooms companies with Factory preassemble sunrooms and sunroom additions. This insures the highest quality sunrooms with the easiest and quickest installations. We’re one of the few sunrooms companies that havehave a patented UL approvedelectricalutility mullion system for our sunrooms and sunroom additions.We are able to place electrical outlets, porch lights and switches every 4′ or less thru out our sun rooms. Our Insulated sun room roofs come with UL approved electrical lights and fan beams, making for easier installations in the ceilings.

 Our sunrooms additions Low E2 dual glazed tempered glass windows and doors provide four times less heat gain and have four times more insulation and is stronger than normal residential glass, which will keep your sunroom cooler in the summer time and warmer in the winter time. Our dual LowE tempered sunroom glass blocks up to 83% of the UV with50% less glare and also eliminates condensation, while preventing damage to things inside your sunroom such as carpet and furniture.

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Our dual Low E2 sunroom glass has a 120 year rated glass seal system, which is longer than all other sunroom companies window seal systems.This superior sunroom windows dual glass seal system helps to prevent mold and mildew problems, even in humid and damp climates. Our sunroom glass is eight times stronger with two times more clarity thanresidential glass and is tentimes more scratch resistant than other sunrooms which useacrylic, which scratches easily. We’re one of only a hand full of sunroom companies who hastempered glassthat carries a lifetime guaranty against breakage. It is virtually unbreakable and is much safer for you and your family.

Our sunroom tempered glass windows come in 36″, 42″, 48″ widths with 54″ and 60″ heights. Our windows are all double sliding for maximum ventilation and include full window screens, not a half a screen for maximum ventilation.Our tempered glass sunroom doors are 80″ high and come in a 36″ wide single door or double 36″ french doors.The tempered glass sliding sunroom doors come in a 6′ standard width or an 8′ width which is optional and both come with sliding screen doors.